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Ode To Mark Richt


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Fu(k it, I'm not doing an ode...


This sh!t has become fu(king ridiculous. If I remember correctly, the last ranked opponent that UGA beat was GA Tech in 2009... This is a team that has sent numerous players to the NFL over that 3 year stretch, both from offense and defense. Their personnel has been, arguably, one of the best in all of college football.


The distressing part is the lack of aggressive play and the inability for the coaching staff to make adjustments.


This past weekend, USC jumps out on top of flat UGA team, we never managed to mount any offensive threat.


Two weeks ago UGA jumped out on top of a mediocre TN team, Up 27-10 at early in the second quarter and then implodes allowing for TN to make it a close game.


Florida Atlantic and Buffalo have put up 20+ against the D and that wasn't against our scrubs.


Last year Boise State comes into Atlanta and blows our doors off, how, you ask, by passing exclusively on short routes over the middle... No adjustments to stop it.


In the SEC championship game last year, UGA jumps out on top of LSU 10-0 and then gives up 42 unanswered points.


UGA is leading Michigan State 16-0 at half in the Outback Bowl, dominating them, and then commences to give the game away as they stop blocking and MSU takes a page out of the Boise book by simply throwing short middle routes.


2010, UGA puts up 21 in the first quarter against Auburn, shutting them out and manages to lose by 18...


2010 they lose to Colorado, Mississippi St., South Carolina and then Central Florida in the bowl game.


I don't know what nay of this means, except, Mark Richt should have been fired after the 2010 season (probably before.)


Seriously, we just got fu(king beat down by a team that has a white "running" QB, you know what the worst part of it is, he's from fu(king GA, Flowery Branch fu(king GA, 30 minutes from Athens. Hell, USC has 4 or 5 guys on their team that went to my freaking HS out there making plays, fu(k...


UGA is loaded with talent this year, has been for the past decade and they just can't get over that hump that is Mark Richt and Mike fu(king Bobo....


I'm making no sense, haven't been for two days. Will someone pleas call Bob Stoops or Mr. Sweater Vest and see if they'll come over to UGA, please, at least then we won't lose until the NC game.




ETA: Fu(k you Mark Richt, Fu(k YOu Bobo, Fu(k you Grantham!!!!

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Have to agree, I never thought that it was possible to be this frustrated about a team loaded with top talent.


However, Murray doesn't get a free pass either. I hate to say that I was right about him choking in clutch situations.


He will not be on any of my fantasy teams when he enjters the NFL.

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I gotta tell you guys, I'm loving this. Not so much for you guys but for all the locals here who tell me how WV is a second-tier program and we just don't have the "tradition" UGA does. ONE national championship, and that was Herschels, 30+ years ago and that's tradition? And WVU doesn't sh!t the bed in big bowl games, either.


That being said, if UGA isn't playing WV, I'm rooting for UGA. :shrug:

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Georgia fans crack me up. They think their program is on par with Alabama and LSU and every year they find a way to choke. This is not a top ten program. Major changes need to be made to make it one in the future.


Everyone here loves Richt (except the OP), but he lets the inmates run the asylum. No discipline or character on or off the field, which is shocking for a guy touted as so deeply religious.

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