trade for Gronk or stay put with team

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Gronk owner is hurting at RB with only FJax, Bradshaw and Donald Brown. Thinking of offering either Forte or Alf and Witten for Gronk. Or maybe Witten is fine and I should just stay put? Start 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE no flex and half ppr. Felix Jones is sitting out ther so I couuld grab him to replace my empty RB slot


my team

QB - Ryan, Palmer

RB - Forte, Alf, Daniel Thomas, Sproles (can pick up Felix Jones if necessary)

WR - Cruz, AJohnson, James Jones, Amendola, Antonio Brown

TE - Witten, Bennett


his team

QB - Ben, Fitzpatrick

RB - Bradshaw, FJax DBrown

WR - VJax, Nicks, Decker, DHB

TE - Gronk, Chandler

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