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Error when trying to add link to signature.

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I was trying to update my links in my signature line.


It did not work when updating old http address, so I started over, but now I get a cheese mark on the bottom left corner that read "Done" and/or "Errors on page" and it does not add my new link.


I closed and reopened browser and also restarted computer. No change.


Need some help please.

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FYI in case someone else had similar problem.


I found out the problem.


I have a desktop anti-virus and had my setting set to extreme.


I lowered the protection and the errors on the page went away. I changed my signature with the links I wanted to add, then change my settings back to extreme.

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Good to know, thanks.


I found that some of my problems with the new software was related to my PopUpStopper.... once I allowed the new URL to be used everything started working again. Trial and error I guess. :D

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