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Trade Veto

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Our league is standard ESPN scoring except that we have bonuses at 100/200 rush/rec yards as well as 300/400 pass yards. The bonuses are 3 and 5 and are cumulative. So a 200 yard performance gets both bonuses.


Anyway everyone in our league is bitching because the LM vetoed a trade. Here's the trade.


Adrian Peterson + A.J. Green




Eric Decker + Philip Rivers


In my eyes, this is one of the worst trades I've ever seen. Adrian Peterson is worth more than Decker & Rivers combined.


The other guys in my league keep saying that they have almost the same average points per game. I'm trying to tell them that it's a 1QB league and QBs score a lot more points than RBs and WRs. By their logic Joe Flacco & Marshawn Lynch have almost identical points scored and thus would hold the same fantasy value.


I keep saying that you have to look at VORP or how much better that player is compared to bench players at the same position. They don't seem to listen to me, because they don't like me.


I'd like to hear some unbiased opinions on this matter.

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Yeah I was pretty upset about the trade. What made it worse was that a 3-6 team was trading Peterson & Green with a 6-3 team and the 2 teams worked at the same place.


I'm friends with the league manager. At first he said he thought the trade was fair, because they both had the same points and didn't want to do anything about it.


I was pretty upset and tried to explain VORP theory and that you can't compare QBs points score to RB points score. Eventually I gave up trying to convince him, but I guess last minute he changed his mind and now everyone is bashing me for putting a bug in his ear after I very overtly and not so nicely protested the trade in our league forums.

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