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Trade help before the deadline


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This is for Team 2 in my sig. Lost Cobb and Julio earlier this season and have been stringing together low end WR2s and WR3s.


I have 2 solid RBs in Charles and Forte going forward, but with this league being 2 RBs only and 3 W/T slots L. Bell is nothing but injury insurance. I also have Vereen as added insurance if he comes back and is effective.


The way I see it I could upgrade my WRs by trading a RB. I'm curious about which RB I should trade though.


Charles has been a beast thus far and I'm wondering if KC will start to slow him down to save him for the playoffs. They are still in a battle for the division, but it would take a complete collapse for them to not at least get a wild card spot. Do you think KC will continue to utilize Charles through week 16 (Fantasy SB) in the same way?


Bell on the other hand is the only RB on PIT and gets as heavy a volume as any RB. Solid guy that will get his looks, but not a game changing type of RB at this point.


Do I try and sell Charles and try for a big name WR? Or would you trade Bell for a WR2 and ride Charles and Forte the rest of the season?

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If I were to sell Charles it would have to be for Calvin or a D. Thomas someone in the top 5 and nothing less.


I am looking at trying to ship Bell for Jeffery. I like the Chicago schedule going forward and I think I make out better at the end of the deal. The owner I'm sending Bell to has Ridley, Mendy, Rice, and BJGE as their RBs. A definite upgrade at RB2 for them.


Their other WRs are Welker, Antonio Brown, Hartline. Leaves them kinda thin at WR. Maybe I can throw Royal in there just to keep them happy. He isn't really worth much, but at least they get a WR in return.

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Me either, most have some upside. Royal is the least valuable to me at this point, just figured if they complain about depth at WR I could throw something at the trade to help them out.


I'm dealing with a slightly uninformed owner who isn't very active. I'm going to have to break it down a bit. From a points/game standpoint it looks pretty even to me. That will be one of the selling points. I see it as a RB2 for WR2 deal.

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Jeffery is seeming like it might not happen. I was offered Bell for Boldin, but don't trust the SF offense to throw enough to make Boldin worth it.


The Boldin owner has Marshall, VJax and Jordy Nelson. I doubt I can get Jordy or Marshall, but perhaps I can swing VJax. Would he be worth the weekly headache to give up Bell for?

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