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12 Team .5PPR League


I'm 5-6 and need to win out. Should I start RG3 or Eli Manning this week?


My opponent has Garcon so I was thinking if I start RG3 then our TDs would at least cancel out, if he evens throws one. Or should I roll the dice with Eli and his potential upside.


I could also pick up Mike Glennon.


Thoughts please!

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RG III against a po'd 49ers in SF or Eli against my hapless Cowboy pass def at home in NY??


I'd start Eli with confidence.


A team that's given up 4 and easily could have been five 400yd pass days to opposing QB's is not going to suddenly find the magic potion in NJ this Sunday imo.


Unless your fear of losing is causing you think unclear and you have a gut feeling about RGIII, I'd go with Eli. I don't think he'll go another 450 and 4 (at least as a Cowboys fan I hope not lol) but I can see 300-350 and 2/3 TD's all day long with at least one long one. I think Andre Brown will have some success, the Giants won't be playing from behind much so Eli won't HAVE to pass like he did before.


My .02 good luck

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