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Future Dynasty - Lynch or Martin


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My gut reaction is Lynch. His career to date is far more impressive than Martin's. The reality is Martin has not proven he is of the same level. The obvious downside is Lynch's age compared to Martin. Lynch may perform at his present level for only another 2 seasons. Notwithstanding, I'd rather have 2 yrs of a proven commodity than 2 yrs of ???.

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Is neither an option? If forced, I would agree with Lynch. However he may not be in Seattle next year, and he only has a couple (if that) good years left. Martin is very concerning. Not only did he look ordinary at best early this year, but almost every RB that followed him looked much better (with essentially the same line). One could argue that Freeman brought down the whole offense, and Martin paid the price. But I'm not touching Martin in ANY round next year; I need to see that he wasn't just a fluke. Lynch is by far the more proven (and dependable) back.

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thanks for your input wpayers and zekez. I did not want to influence anything in your opinion. I have Martin right now, and was offered Lynch. 12 team dynasty, PPR with 1.25 for TEs, 6 points all TDs (-2 with int and fumbles). Starting lineup is: 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 flex (R-W-T), 1 D, 1 K.


I have been hit with injuries:


QB - Rodgers (inj), Dalton, Glennon, Schaub, Smith

RB - Foster (IR), Martin (IR), A. Brown (just came back), M James (IR), Leonard, Green-Ellis, Gerhart

WR - AJohnson, Wayne (IR), Jeffery, Dobson, Cotchery, Douglas, M Jones, Pettis

TE - Witten, Gates, Gonzalez, Clay

K - Gostkowski, Crosby

D - 49ers

Rookie Taxi - Boyce, King


Played the 1 RB to walk around all the injuries, grabbed James & Leonard (picked the wrong one) when I could after Martin went out, just took Gerhart this week off waivers. Yes, I have a bunch of TEs, and grabbed Clay when he did well as Gonzalez's replacement when he retires. I do like the group, but that is why I asked the question on Martin or Lynch

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I have Martin in a keeper league as well and plan on keeping him. But, making the decision now isn't warranted imo. While my concern about his performance this year is a small red flag, what is in the back of my mind is that because of his size this could turn into a nightmare shared carries issue going forward. Being as both James and Rainey showed promise (albiet against weaker run D's) but are a bit bigger backs pound wise.


I understand the concern about Martin's performance then seeing James and Rainey come in and do what they did, but, last year was no fluke for Martin imo. Also, one has to consider Schiano drafted Martin with a #1 pick so unless something showed on film that makes Martin worth benching for James or Rainey next year I don't think it will happen. I do believe Freeman was an issue as I don't get the impression he's intelligent enough at the QB position. At 5 yrs you should be improving at reading defenses not regressing. The fact Ponder is starting again speaks volumes imo. Although Freeman was there all last year while Martin thrived so it's not that Freeman was the sole reason Martin regressed himself this year. It's not like there is NO reason for concern.


I agree that Lynch may be the safer play at the moment because of how others have come in and performed, but Glennon at QB has proven to make defenses respect the pass and opened up the run imo. Lynch is only 27 which theoretically means he could have a few good years left, but his running style lends concern to the wall these type runners hit sometimes. Also if Lynch does leave Seattle for the ducats with another team he may not be as effective.


It's not a bad offer, but obviously the guy is willing to give up Lynch for Martin so he's not concerned. I think seeing how Rainey does against the Lions and Panthers the next two weeks will help separate the wheat from the chaff a bit. Were it me I would hold off on it if possible to consider all angles before coming to a final decision. If he want's Martin bad enough he'll wait. The fact he's willing to trade Lynch for an IR guy right now must mean he missed the playoffs.

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Martin and honestly, it's not even close. He will be back next year and after watching the likes of Mike James and Bobby Rainey explode in this offense, he'll want to prove his mediocre start to the 2013 season was a fluke. Think long term.



Maybe Martin's rookie year was a fluke...??? and that teams were able to stop him...similar to Trent Richardson's rookie year being a fluke.....Find it odd that Martin struggled when he played, yet back ups Mike James and Rainey both tore it up???


I'd go with Lynch, who is on the better team, and that team will be better next year with Harvin back...

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thanks for everyone's opinion. Much appreciated. I had to make the decision yesterday before the Thursday game as that was our trade deadline. And yes, the team that made the trade is out of it.


Before the season started, I traded Bell - VJackson - 2nd 2014 for Martin - Dobson - 4th 2014 (rookie picks). So, if with this deal, it ends up to be Lynch - Dobson - 4th for Bell - Jackson - 2nd... really not that bad overall if you put both together. I wanted to get younger at WR and being an East coast person, my wife follows the Patties and I really like Dobson during the pre season.


My gut said that this year, go for it as I really like my group, so I was in win now mode. But, with the injuries that started to mount, I was not sure. Again, if I kept Martin, then this year would be hard or almost a loss. So, based on my thoughts, I did the deal. I figured that Lynch has about 3 years after this one. I feel that even if he does not re-sign with Seattle, he will find a contender. I definitely need to find some youth in the next couple of years at the RB spot.


Thanks again, everyone.

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