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Thomas Guarantees Victory over Cowboys


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Terrell Thomas


"All week long, the Giants have stressed the importance of this weekend’s showdown with the Dallas Cowboys. Now Terrell Thomas has taken things to another level.

Big Blue’s cornerback channeled his inner Namath over the radio waves on Friday, guaranteeing that Big Blue would come out on top this Sunday.

“No doubt we’re going to win this game,” Thomas said on Sirius XM NFL radio. “You can tell them, put it on a bulletin board — it doesn’t matter, because we have to win this game. Our season is on the line right now.”

Thomas’ comments come on the heels of some other strong language from Big Blue’s locker room this week, most notably from Jason Pierre-Paul, who said this game is the Giants’ Super Bowl and predicted “there’s going to be a lot of blood spilled out there.”





Well well well. Their fragile knee stricken CB thinks there going to roll up my Cowboys and send us packing in the 2013 season. No doubt this is a big game for both clubs and I suspect a very intense one. I do have questions about this years Cowboys.


For one, can we match the intensity level of the Giants in a big game. Historically, in games like these the Cowboys come in to a hostile stadium and get out physical-ed and make mistakes early to give the home team Giants momentum. Once handed over the Giants or other teams from the East, take it and run all over us with it. Can this years version of the Cowboys match the level of urgency that the Giants seem to have about this game?


I worry about our linebackers or lack there of. From what I hear, Kiffin may employ a "Big Nickle" defense to cover up our lack of LB depth. Playing Church down at linebacker with the other 4 in coverage to hide the fact that we have Lee, Durant, and Holloman out with injury. What worries me about that is that Carter and Sims have to play their butts off in the middle to stop the run as will as covering the short stuff underneath. Boy we are going to miss lee.


Lastly, can the line hold up and not get Romo killed. The line play as a whole have gotten much better this year. The middle seems to be solid with Fredricks at Center and Smith at left tackle held up well in their first meeting with JPP though he was nicked up at the time. I worry about Free when JPP decides to rush from the right tackle side. They almost got Romo killed last time they played when the linebacker played a smash stunt and put Free on his a$$ to release the End who proceeded to put a helmet in Romo's ribs during a Giant sandwich sack.


So there are the concerns. However, the Giants are going to have their hands full with our Offense now that Austin is back healthy who wore the Giants out in the first meeting. Austin is the key to our passing game. T. Williams is a rookie and plays like one. He makes some plays but is far to inconsistent to be counted on down in and down out. But with Austin playing he slot and moving around should free up Dez, and Witten who had a monster game last time around.


Then there is Murray. Who is finally healthy again and had a solid effort also in the first game.


The first game of the season against the Giants featured a turnover fest by the Giants. I don't see us turning the Giants over 7 times again. Watching Wilson put the ball on the ground twice was only bested by the shade of Red of his coach. Look forward to seeing Caughlin's beet red face chap in the cold and wind of Giants stadium.


The Cowboys got a great chance to practice in similar weather in Dallas on Friday. The team had the opportunity to practice in almost the very same conditions of high wind and bitter cold at valley ranch. Hopefully that will help.


Bottom line is this, the Cowboys have failed in almost every must win big game situation they have been in over the past few years. They need to match the Giants desperation. They need to run the football and protect Romo. Eli will get back to throwing picks now that Ware is back to pressure him.


My gut feeling is that the Cowboys finally show up big for a big game. The improved line will give Romo time to pick apart this poor Giants secondary. Ware and Selvie combine to sack Eli 5 times. Tom Caughlin's face turns so red they have to prick his face to relieve the pressure so his head doesn't explode. The Cowboys end the Giants season and move to 6-5 with some late game heroics from Romo and Murray pounding the rock late in the game to kill the clock. :tup:

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There have been 2 guarantees that will ever mean anything in football. Namath over the Colts and Jimmy Johnson against Frisco for the nfc championship. Some tool on the Giants that nobody knows guarenteeing a winnable game is something you can wipe your ass with

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Exactly the response I expected. Some obscure nobody with bad knees trying the rally the troops while his teammates and coaches cringe facing the finality of their season. Shaping up to be a great day of football. By games end the reporters scurrying to find T Thomas who's knees have failed him, head in hand, being asked about the confidence of his comment. Coughlin, red faced and dejected repeating turnovers killed us and trying to convince himself and his team the season isn't over.

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