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Week 12 recap of the games


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This is copied and pasted from another site so no links and hopefully this is not a big No No ?

Its a slow day on the boards so I thought I would trow out some reading material




The absolute best part of the Thursday night game was when Jimmy Graham bent the goal post on the post TD slam dunk. Great play Jimmy, we want more of it! That WAS the highlight of the night and the game got the same old low scoring hard to watch Thursday night syndrome. Atlanta really is as bad as we thought they were. Stephen Jackson got you a Touchdown if you had to start him, but that was it for the Falcons and they can pretty much mail in the rest of the season at this point.


Pittsburgh finally remembered who they were and laid some serious wood on the Cleveland Browns. Campbell left this game ineffective and woozy. Pittsburgh left with a huge sigh of relief that they got past a tough division opponent with a win and all of their parts intact. The heart still beats in Steel Town and anyone that wrote them off made a serious mistake. Tempered in the fire of loss, this years Steelers are beginning to make some noise in the AFC North.


We had a Mike Wallace sighting in Miami who went 5 for 127 and a Touchdown in a loss to he Carolina Panthers, who gutted out a tough win on the road. Miami pretty much abandoned the running game with Miller and Thomas combining for a pathetic 16 yards on the ground. Come on Man, my mom could run that far and she only weighs 90 Lbs. Tannehill carried a heavy load today but without any help on the ground, his efforts were not quite heroic enough.


The loss to Denver may have gutted the Chiefs and exposed them as a pretender to the throne. San Diego came into Arrowhead and handed them their 2nd loss in a row. More importantly, they manhandled the Chiefs, dominated on both sides of the ball and scored the go ahead Touchdown with 24 seconds left on the clock. On a day the Chiefs were looking to regain their footing, San Diego kicked them in the nutsack and handed them a big fat loss in front of the Kansas City faithful.


Matt Stafford threw 4 Interceptions on the day but if you saw the last one you will know that Calvin was hanging his head. Not sure how that ball ended up in the hands of Banks but Calvin will be reliving that play in his dreams for a while. These Lions can be so exciting but always manage to find the most creative ways to lose. They just could not cover everyone today so Underwood kept squirting out of the Tampa Bay offense for big catches and scores. His new nickname will be Lion Killer.



Arizona beats the living hell out of Indianapolis. Nuff Said. Carson Palmer finally figured out the combination for Larry Fitzgerald and they hooked up for two TDs. (Should have been three, Just Missed) Luck tossed a garbage time TD to Coby Fleener and all Ty Hilton got for his efforts was a face full of turf. TRich is officially going on the milk carton with Ray Rice for this year. If you have TRich on your dynasty team, it is time to start learning to like taking it like that. Did I mention that Baltimore beat the Jets? Moving on, nothing to see here.


That was a catch by Dez. Stupid freaking rule. The NFL needs to tweak this catch rule. Watch the replay and tell me you disagree. Regardless of that stupid call, Dallas drove in close enough to kick the winning field goal, regaining a share of 1st place. It is hard to put your finger on where the Giants went wrong this week, the coulda, woulda, shoulda won this game, but when the cold frost cleared it was Dallas with the win. I stayed away from Giants on my fantasy team this year so in the end I guess I expected this. But it is really hard to take when Victor Cruz only gets 2 balls for 27 yards. I hope you have another option cause I would like to drop kick his ass into the Hudson.


Even with only three games on I had a really hard time watching Tennessee play Oakland. Anyone out there watching this game? Please email me and tell us why!


Yikes, now Peyton Manning is 2-6 when the temperature in less than 32 setting up the AFC showdown between the Chiefs and the Broncos in Arrowhead. This has Chiefs fans hoping for more of the cold weather snap that hit Arrowhead yesterday. Anyone ever heard of this guy Brady? Pretty darn fine QB IMO, he got 5 wins with no talent downfield during the 1st half of the year and now seems intent on reminding the NFL that even at his ripe old age he is more than a Giselle toy. Ridley fumbled AGAIN and has probably found the proverbial doghouse for the remainder of 2013. Expect to find him in a different uniform next year. New England won this blustery game in Foxborough and would appear to be headed for the AFC championship. Name me one AFC team stronger than Denver that you think can take them. Thought so!

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