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The NFL has deducted yardage from Dez Bryant's Week 12 stats

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Per rotoworld:



The NFL has deducted 16 yards from Dez Bryant's Week 12 receiving total.


Bryant made a reception in the fourth quarter, fumbled the ball backwards, and is now "credited" with an 11-yard loss. The Cowboys recovered the fumble, but this is a situation that could change the outcome of some Week 12 fantasy head-to-head games.


Dez finishes with nine grabs for 86 yards instead of 102. It could be particularly painful for fantasy leaguers in 100-plus-yard bonus scoring leagues.


Tony Romo's passing yardage total has also dropped from 250 to 234, because all in all the Cowboys lost 16 yards on the play.

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If the NFL did the change it most likely was the official scorers at the game...that does't mean that it might not be adjusted again by ELIAS as they are the ones that do the stat changes for the NFL. Those changes are published on Thursdays

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So what are the odds Elias overturns this? I've never seen this happen before (not to mention this decision will knock me out of playoff contention).



It depends on what actually happened and how it was scored initially. Elias will make sure that it is scored correctly.

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If it was a fumble, it should have no effect on Romo at all, completed catch then Bryant fumbles the ball, otherwise it is an incomplete pass or it is a lateral.


My guess is that it is the same as if the ball is fumbled and another offensive player picks it up and advances it. Pretty sure that in that case those yards count as a continuation of the pass play. So if Dez fumbled and say Witten picks it up, any yardage gained counts as passing/receiving yards. Therefore if he fumbles it backwards out of bounds and yards are deducted from the play that deducts from the passing yards. Otherwise you need some other category, or treat them as rushing yards.


Simply put, if it affects Dez' receiving yards it has to affect Romo's passing yards (the two go together, total of player receiving yards has to equal total of player passing yads).

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