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Make this side bet? DeMarco Murray v. Bears

Papa Deuce

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I was offered a side bet today for the game tomorrow. My lineup is set, and can't be changed. I have Murray against the Bears.


Our scoring sytem is as follows:


0 - 9 yard TDs are 6 points

10 - 39 are 9 points

40 and above are 12 points

+ 5 points for 100 yards rushing

+ 5 points for 100 yards rcvg.

1 point per reception.


No incremental points for every 10 yards. The points above reflect all the ways I can get points.


OK, so the bet offered is that Murray gets 17 points or less. WInner gets 5 cigars of their choice with a $50 total limit on the bet.


Which side of the bet are you on?


I think I am taking the bet.... I think Murray is good for 17 - 22 points.


EDIT: in our league he only had 16+ points once this season - last week. 14 is his previous high.

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So ... 4 catches, 1 nine-yard TD run plus 1 four-yard TD run, plus 90 rush yards & 35 recv yards ... adds up to 16 FF points? Were I a gambler, I'd take the under.



that is correct.... 16 points.


I am leaning towards taking it because the Bears run D has been so bad, and hopefully, after last week, maybe the Cowboys can see more value in using him more. I have til 1 hour before kickoff to make the bet.

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My feelings on the bet are this:


1. The Bears D is horrid and Romo should abuse the young linebackers down the seem with Witten which should drop them back on their heels.

2. The Cowboys O line is starting to really gel and the combo of Smith and Leary along with our Rookie center Fredrick should be able to control the front of the Bears and get to the second level to allow Murray to have some nice running lanes.

3. Romo plays well in cold weather.

4. The combination of all three above should make for a great day for Murray. 100 yards rushing and Two TD's. He'll get at least 5 dump offs underneath and swing passes. Murray should be on the field all game with Dunbar injured and the Dallas D should be able to handle the Bears offense keeping the running game in play.

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If I don't win this it will stink, but I am still pretty happy.... I will absolutely beat the guy in total points for the year and we have a bet on a $250 bottle of scotch. I don't even know what it is called, but he suggested the bet and I took it.... he said the one he likes is about $250 a bottle. I'll give it to my brother in law for his birthday.

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Wow I really should have read the OP's scoring better. :lol:


Didn't see that he wasn't getting points for yardage. Duh.


Yes you should of caught it when he said:

in our league he only had 16+ points once this season - last week. 14 is his previous high.

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