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My team is horrible. Time for a complete overhaul. Help?


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For starters, here's the team:


Peyton Manning

Michael Crabtree

Julian Edelman

Josh Gordon

Percy Harvin

Victor Cruz (out)

Rueben Randle

LeSean McCoy

DeMarco Murray

Andre Ellington

Alfred Morris

Travis Kelce

Dwayne Allen (only picked him up for the Kelce BYE)

Steven Hauschka

San Diego D/ST


My current record is 2-4. I'm tired of losing and I know I'm at the point where if I don't start winning games then my season is over. I know my key weaknesses are that I have no WR1 and that I consistently start and sit the wrong players. My idea of how to overhaul my team are as follows:


Peyton Manning (trade to someone willing to overpay and pick up Dalton or Palmer)

Cruz (Replace for a recently dropped Michael Floyd on waivers)

Chargers D/ST (trade for Cleveland D/ST since their next 3 games are Jax, Oak, and TB)


That's all I can think of though. Maybe swap Randle with Beckham Jr. too? What else do I do to help improve myself? Who else should I replace for better players and who would be good trade bait? Thanks in advance.

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All in all I would say it's a good team and you are playing fantasy football-- which means some guys flail and you second guess yourself.


Given your roster I would say, you're in a what? 8 or 10 team league?


I honestly wouldn't do too much... Peyton will get his, and unless you can get a suitable replacement plus a WR starter I would keep him. On what, he's an average of 8-10 points better than a Dalton, and unless you get a top 5 WR, you're likely not going to make up that difference over your current WR.


Your RB are great. Slow starters, but Murray is a stud and the Cowboys will ride him. McCoy got going today. Ellington is great and I would likely keep Morris on the bench, but he's a strong backup to have.


I would just change up your WR. You have too much invested in Eli-- he can be great, but can be awful as well (tonight). I'd pick Floyd up, especially with Palmer returning. Is Sanu available, I'm a fan. I'm not a huge Randle fan and might swap him for Beckham. I'd even entertaining dropping Harvin depending on who's available... he's hit or miss.


I also don't have any WR1, but I have a group of 4/5 consistant 10-12 pointers... IMO t's okay to have one area that isn't strong, they won't win for me, but as long as they don't lose it.


Help for me? http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?/topic/428026-te-rb-help-heck-my-whole-roster/

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Your Wrs are nice I believe. With Cruz out that only helps Randle who you already have and opens up a roster spot for you. You could trade Peyton but I would look for a guy with a nice 1-2 qb punch and take one of even both of those guys along with a starter of his. I'd take just one so there's more value for the other player you're getting and pick up Dalton he's a good qb2

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id try to target sanu or quick if they're available in your league. randle will definitely improve with cruz out. michael floyd is a good option too, I'm just afraid of carson palmer's shoulder and how it will hold up, b/c floyd isn't worth much with the backup qbs out there.

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This is an 8 team standard league. I was only gonna trade Manning for a top 5 WR, especially since I drafted poorly and grabbed Manning in the second round, so I'd need to get equal value for him.


As for the 2 Giants receivers, I only grabbed Randle in preparation for the Eagles game, and he still didn't perform. He gets a lot of targets, but he doesn't do enough with them so I don't think he's worth keeping. But Cruz's absence will make him see a lot more targets so his effectiveness may rise.

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With Cruz out Randle should step it up. Colston could be an interesting pickup for the next few weeks with Graham out... the Saints are tricky as they spread the ball so well.


I personally don't know that I could give up Peyton... but different strokes for different folks. Top 5WR are harder to come by these days as three of the top five are hurt or suspended :) But I'm crappy at trades and couldn't blame you if you wanted to make the switch.


Trade help for me? http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?/topic/428097-trade-proposal-help/

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