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Trade advice for an English newbie


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I need some trade advice, just a breif background, I'm from England and hadn't watched an American football game ever until about a month ago. My friend and I are both in the same fantasy leauge and he keeps making trade offers but I don't want to accept as I have no idea what I'm doing and don't want to screw myself over. He says he wants a better running back and says I need better wide recievers. I thought I'd ask you guys for some trade advice for a trade that would be mutually beneficial. Also I'd prefer to keep Le'Veon Bell


My team - Offense -- Friends team - Offense

P.Manning -- R.Wilson

G.Bernard -- J.Forsett

L.Bell -- D.Martin

R.White -- J.Edelman

J.Hunter -- J.Jones

J.Cameron -- M.Bennett

V.Cruz -- B.Quick


Kicker -- Kicker

J.Tucker -- M.Crosby


Defense team -- Defense team

Broncos -- Eagles


Bench -- Bench

C.Kaepernick -- J.Charles

C.Johnson -- D.Sproles

B.Pierce -- Z.Stacy

D.Woodhead -- L.Fitzgerald

B.Hartline -- D.Hopkins

T.Eifert -- J.Witten

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DON'T TRADE: P.Manning, G. Bernard, L.Bell, Broncos Def, J. Tucker


Trade: J.Hunter for Julio Jones(big plays), Victor Cruz -> B. Quick(Cruz just got a nasty injury you may even want to drop him), Chris Johnson??? --> Darren Sproles, Bernard Pierce --> zac stacy, Woodhead --> fitzgerald, hartline --> hopkins


All the others are iffy. They can really go either way

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