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Do i have the most Stacked WR Corp anyones seen?


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This is for a legitimate 10 team Standard big buy in league.


I made some good moves and now my Recieving Corp looks like this...


Is it totally stacked?



1. Calvin Johnson

2. Alshon Jeffrey

3. Emmanuel Sanders

4. Brandin Cooks

5. Andre Johnson

6. Keenan Allen

7. Odell Beckam Jr.

8. Cordarelle Patterson


Te - Rob Gronk

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What are you talking about? I had jordy nelson and I traded him last week...


Little confused on why you think Nelson is better than megatron going forward..


but again. You say those guys are junk but cooks is the best WR on the saints dont care what anyone thinks


dez isnt even better than alshon just stop

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Not to be disrespectful, but that looks good only on "paper"....the reality is that HALF of them are "junk" right now, the other half barely above "average" ! (2,3,4,5)



All solid pass catchers but a lot of guys there who aren't catching many TDs. How many of those guys have 2 TDs on the season? By my count possibly 2 and none of them have three.

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I have Demaryius Thomas, Jordy Nelson, and Julio Jones right now...fell ass backward into it...


what kind of league?



I have the same three WRs as 6rings. Demaryius Thomas, Jordy Nelson and Julio Jones and I did it in a 10 team league. I drafted them in that order from the 5th draft position. I passed on Calvin Johnson and picked DT instead. I knew how 90% of all experts would call me crazy, but I did it because DT was within an inch of CJ last year and he's younger and has Peyton Manning, etc. Figured DT was less risky in my mind with just as much if not more upside.


I used ZERO RB draft strategy and frankly, it worked. Felt weird going with 3 WRs in a row and then picking up injury prone Arian Foster in the 4th round. Gronk 5th round. 7th round I got Andrew Luck and as I see it, I have the most stacked team I've ever had in the last sixteen years of playing this game. Team in my sig line. Record 5-1 and first in our league now.



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