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I am up one point with Texans D starting tonight, what do I do?


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Here's the lowdown: I'm up 95-94 in my 14 man league, my opponent is finished, I have the Texans D remaining, I am 3-3, he is 3-3, this is a huge must win for me this week. The league is very competitive, I have been dealing with a ridiculous amount of injuries and am scraping by with whatever I can get.


Do I bench the Texans D up one point and take a win (assuming no stat corrections happen against my favor), or do I start them knowing I'll need all the points I can get in case I need them for a playoff tiebreaker down the line, or a rogue stat correction that may happen this week? And there is also a $20 weekly reward for high points that I realistically have a shot at if the Texans D do great tonight.


For scoring: after 350 yards or more surrendered we lose points, after 28 points or more we also lose points. (The Texans have only gotten negative points once this year against the Giants)

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My main concern is this: all the sites I checked for stat corrections seem to get updated on Wednesdays. If I was up by 3 or more, I would bench the D with no questions asked. But only being up by 1... a fumble lost being corrected suddenly makes me a loser by one point

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