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What do you need tonight (Week 7 MNF)?


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Are you f'ng with me, or am I missing something here?? "Please advise" - Isn't advising someone the definition of giving advice?


Let's use a doctor's office analogy. He's not asking the doc what he needs to do to live longer. He's asking how much time he's got. :lol:

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Seriously, now people want to be advised on what percentage chance they have of winning, based on "what they need"? Amazed people will even waste time trying to figure that out or explain it.


Its not an advice question, its just a dumb question.


I'm making this offer for a trade, anybody care to give me the chances the owner accepts my offer? Or the chances that the trade improves my team? Or the chance I take a dump when I wake up tomorrow?

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All I'm rooting for is Shaun Suisham. A big night (say 25+ points) from him catapults me into the $1k range for a Fanduel contest. Pretty much have $40 locked up, and should have a little more if he does OK



Would have preferred the Brown TD (would have given me a win in one league), but the 3 points for Suisham propelled me into the $80 segment for the Fanduel game. :yay:

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I needed Hopkins to stay out of the endzone tonight. Almost lost it when he got tackled at the one yard line.

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Weapons of DMD (2-4) - 16-team redraft - Need Le'Veon Bell to outscore Big Ben by 8. With all TD's worth 6, this is going to be tough. I need one of those 3 TD nights from Bell, with Ben throwing none, most likely. Not impossible, but I don't have a good feeling about it.


Huddle California (4-2) - 12-team redraft - Up 27 points, with Antonio Brown going against Foster and Suisham. This would be a huge win, as it's against my arch rival in this league (Big Country), who I've beaten in the final two years running. However, he's pulled off 5 straight wins, and sits atop the league standings (I'm in 5th at 4-2, due to the points tie-breaker).


Local Keeper (5-1) - 12-team IDP redraft - Down by 55, but I've still got Bell, Brown, Timmons, and Kendrick Lewis playing tonight. Those four are averaging about 58 PPG in this league, so it's going to be close.


FDSB (5-1) - 12-team IDP dynasty - Up 5 and change, with Andre Johnson, Johnathan Joseph, and DJ Swearinger going against Antonio Brown and DeAndre Hopkins. Another one that should be very close.


ConFusion (5-1) - 16-team IDP dynasty - Down 46, and I have Antonio Brown and Kendrick Lewis left. Need a big night from them both.


Altogether, I've got Bell, Brown, and Lewis going twice, and AJ, Timmons, Lewis, Swearinger, and Joseph going in one league each. Going against Ben, Foster, Brown, Hopkins, and Suisham. Maybe Brown can run one in? I'll be happy with 3 out of 5, honestly.


Went 2 for 5. My winning percentage is dropping, at least in the ones that I post, so maybe I should stop. :lol: Overall, though, I'm still having a pretty good year (over .500 in 80% of my leagues, and 5-2 or better in about 2/3 of them.


Bell outscored Ben, but not by eight points (lost by a few there). At 2-5, this is now my worst team, and I need a miracle to make the playoffs (probably need to win 6 straight weeks, considering there is usually at least a team or two at 8-5 that miss the playoffs).


Brown destroyed Foster/Suisham, and I jumped from 6th to 3rd in the CA league (4-way tie at 5-2, and I'm 3rd in points of those 4). Considering I was 10th (out of 12) three weeks ago, I'll take it.


Needed 55 in my "local" keeper league, and got 70+ (thanks to huge nights from Bell, Brown, and Timmons). I'm a game ahead of the second place team in that league, but more importantly, I've got a 120+ point lead over the second highest scoring team.


Didn't get enough from my HOU trio in FDSB, and I've now lost two in a row (after starting 5-0). Need to stop the bleeding this week.


Ditto in ConFusion. Two losses in a row, and what was a comfortable lead two weeks ago, is now a tight playoff race. Need to get back on the win train.

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