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Multiple Trade Offers - Seeking Advice

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First off let me introduce my league. It is a .5 PPR league with standard scoring. Here is my current team.


QB Andrew Luck

WR Dez Bryant

WR Golden Tate

RB Lamar Miller

RB Justin Forsett

TE Jermaine Gresham

W/R/T Vincent Jackson

K Graham Gano

D/ST Kansas City


BN Eric Decker

BN Montee Ball

BN Rashad Jennings

BN Carlos Hyde

BN Tre Mason

BN Josh Gordon


I snagged Josh Gordon a day ago in hopes of having a stand out squad when play offs roll around. I am 5-2 right now. I DESPERATELY need help at the TE position after losing Kyle Rudolph and it seems every TE except Charles Clay is taken off the waivers. I have two trade offers right now and am debating between which one if either.


First offer. Tre Mason for Dwayne Allen


Second offer. Jamaal Charles and either Owen Daniels, or Vernon Davis for Lamar Miller and Justin Forsett.


I love Allen as I am a Clemson grad myself but the TE committee with Fleener kills me. If Vernon was going ham this year I would be all over that trade, but if I do that trade right now I am forced to start Tre Mason this week and with Fisher saying "who knows Stacy could get 25 carries this week" I am kind of weary. Any input on this would be great as I am banging my head against a wall right now because I feel as though I have a legitimate shot of winning my league this year and don't want to screw this up.

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First off, I wouldn't worry about Allen. He has consistently been the #1 TE for Luck.


I would actually advise you to talke the first offer. Allen is one of the best TE's right now, and he should be solid for the rest of the season.


Jamaal Charles is great, but I think Miller + Forsett is too steep a price for your team to pay. If you can convince him to take one of them plus a WR, I would do it. However, with Rahaad Jennings coming back, who knows. Maybe you could counter-offer with Miller and Jennings, although he is unlikely to accept. Use caution on the Jamaal trade, but I would jump on the first one.

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Ya hes on there. I havent read much about him but Ill look into it. Im about to send the Tre Mason for Dwayne Allen I think. The thought of trading away two of my clutch RBs even though I have Jennings and Ball coming back is scaring me, but getting Charles on my squad sounds legit.



If you haven't already accepted the Dwayne Allen offer, maybe get adventurous with the Charles offer. If you can get Charles and Daniels for Forsett + Miller, it might be an interesting option. Charles is going to give you a solid 15+ points week in and week out, and with Jennings back he might make up for losing Miller. Its a very high risk/reward trade, I would caution you with going forward with it. Perhaps try a counter offer that Includes Forsett OR Miller + Jennings. Or Maybe Miller, Jennings and your TE or a WR? Losing Forsett and Miller is a tough pill to swallow, but as you said, getting Charles and Daniels is tempting.


Again, its very high risk/high reward. You could get burned hard and gimp your team for the rest of the season, you could break even, or you could do amazingly well from here on out. Use caution. You are 5-2, so now might not be the time for a crazy trade like that.


The safe trade to make (and the one I would probably urge you to make as you are 5-2 and not in peril) would be to trade Mason for Allen. Allen is one of the best TE's in standard scoring leagues (probably PPR as well) whereas Mason is a RB3/flex option at least for now.

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