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Roster moves? Whats a lot for a season?


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Our league doesn't charge for moves and theres no limit. My team is a wreck because of AP/Ball and the constant search for a QB? So I have been chasing RB's all year, I'm up to 38 moves(WW/FA)? I'm 5-2 and have either been really lucky or the risk reward has been working? Seems like I'm streaming players every week? I know its FF but this year has been weird my draft stradegy sucked?

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We have to pay $3 for every drop/PU and $7/team for a trade. I'm leading the league in pickups at 17 and one trade, the low is 3 pickups. If our league was free pickups, I'd be much higher. I'm 6-1 in the league. I've won our league every three years or so and I'm in the hunt just about every year and I contribute that to making moves (and 90% luck). But, I play the game, trying to set the best lineup available every week. While others that just sit back and really don't make many moves (which I just don't get). I try not to make moves just make a move, but rather trying to improve my team in both the short and long term. Anyway, it really depends upon your league, how many guys, injuries, byes, etc...that dictates how many moves one should make.

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If you don't pay for your transactions and you're making more than 5 or 6 per week with one team, I would think that's excessive. It can all depend on league size, bench size, etc. But to be honest, there's only so much crap out there at a time.


I remember teasing a guy at the year end ceremony/trophy presentation because he add/dropped five or six times in one week from one open bench spot and his last pickup ended up being the first guy he dropped that week. He gets massive anxiety, and can barely sleep at night during FF season over all of his weekly decisions. He was a good player, but no, he never won the league.

Yes, it's good to be active, it's another to be crazy.

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