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ROS RB values...


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How would you rank the below players moving forward in the second half of the season:


B Tate

R Hillman

R Jennings

M Ingram

A Morris

D Robinson


I currently have the first 3 listed, but am seriously considering dropping Tate for one of the last 3 listed

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1. Jennings (He'll be the starter when back.)

2. Morris

3. Tate

4. Hillman (Could split time with Ball when he returns)

5. Ingram (Will probably split time with Thomas when he returns)

6. Robinson (He's on the worst team in the league so he can't be trusted.. plus Gerhart is back)

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highly disagree. I think its Hillmans job to lose now. Ball won't split carries with him unless Hillmans production significantly falls off.


Id say the same for ingram as hillman, his job now


I agree Jennings will be the starter when he gets back, but what if he doesn't come back for a few weeks?


Id say


1. Ingram

2. Hillman

3. Morris

4. Jennings

5. Tate

6. Robinson


Tough call for me on Ingram/Hillman for 1st/2nd and Morris/Jennings for 3rd/4th

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I'm a Tate owner and I'm worried about the Browns run game right now. Ever since their center Alex Mack got hurt their run game has been horrible. Before he got injured the Browns run game was one of the best but now it seems like they'll put up a lot less yards, that goes for Tate as well as Crowell and West. But regardless, the Browns still love to run it in the red zone so Tate has TD value still. I would rank him no higher than 3rd out of all those backs. I'd avoid taking any backs who'll split snaps like Hillman unless you think Ball returning won't be a huge factor.

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Tate concerns me, too. Just an unimpressive last 2 weeks against what are rather poor run defenses. The Browns still have an uniting schedule for a RB, but concerns abound with lack of production and the talent sitting behind him (Tate). The J Gordon effect is unknown: he may open things up, he may not upon return


Hillman gives me the least worries of those listed; just can't see how Ball gets put back in as anything other than COP. Aside from the fact that he was starter at beginning of season, does anyone see why Ball would be inserted back into that position or even a 50/50 split?


Jennings, I think, is safe, he just needs to get healthy. I think he's worth holding at least one more week to see how he progresses.


Ingram is who I'm most interested in. He just looked good! And they gave him the ball over 20 times! Their remaining schedule is as inviting as the Browns, maybe more so because of the amount of home games.


I really am leaning toward dropping Tate and getting Ingram...have til Thursday for waivers to process, so lots of time to see if others chime in and what they think before I have to make the decision...I can only roster 3 total RBs, that where the decision is so hard

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Hillman is not a 3down back. Ball isn't much better of a 3down back but he's more rounded. His only problem is hitting the hole quickly. He will without a doubt be given another chance to at least split carries 50/50. Hillman is not their guy of the future and they have to know if ball is or not by the end of this season to make adjustments next season

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^do you think they're looking at next year when another trip to the Super Bowl this season is the more immediate concern?


Jennings actually gets a raised red flag now that his recovery isn't progressing as planned; in addition to upcoming schedule that includes SEA and SF.


At 4-4, I tend to think immediate return should be my goal and therefore drop Jennings in favor of Ingram?

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