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Too many players = good problem to have. That being said....


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My weekly flex-help thread!!!!!! This is my thinking:


Trent Richardson is obviously a workhorse, but is coming off an injury and isn't all that effective even when he does get touches. I like that he gets touchdowns though.


Steve Smith is an animal, but has had 2 sloppy weeks for me. Only reason i would start him is the thought that this game might be a shootout.


Gore is productive, but that offense doesn't call enough plays for him and it scares me to start him nowadays.


Please lend me some wisdom/opinions and I'll be glad to return the favor. Promise <3


1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 2 Flex, 1 D, 1 K



QB - Luck


RB - Ellington, Charles


WR - D. Thomas, A. Brown


TE - Gronk


FLEX - K. Benjamin (ONLY GOT ME 1 POINT LAST NIGHT, truck!), <OPEN>


D - 49ers


K - Bailey



Trent Richardson




Steve Smith




Rashad Jennings (OUT)




D. Martin (OUT)

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I've been considering dropping him a while now. Held onto him thru this week because my team is pretty stacked and i was hoping he would get traded to a contender or more talented team. Now that he's staying put, I'll be using his slot to grab the next hot waiver pickup.


I'm probably going with Smith, but I love the advice. Thanks fellas.

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Gore or SsS, Gore apparently has had 100 or at least a score in all 3 home games and the cherry on top is that the Rams away give up 100+ on the road.. sounds good to me, Smith Sr you can't deny has been pretty solid except the last couple of weeks I'm a little nervous about his last couple of outings but I'd be ok with FGore or Smith Sr.

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I'd go Gore, the rest of your lineup is good enough to take the safer play. You've gotta have a real shot at your league championship with that roster, though I would consider dropping some of your bench guys soon for handcuffs like Knile Davis or Tim Wright (who isn't bad anyway) it they're available. Once you get to the playoffs and out of the bye weeks, you'd rather have insurance than a backup who will never start.


Great team, I'm having sort of a similar issue here:




I'm considering trading Lynch and Wallace (flex guys for me) and Rodgers (I have Brady behind him, who will be a solid keeper at this rate) for a huge upgrade in Demaryius Thomas plus potential keepers in Gray and Hyde. I think it improves my current playoff lineup and gives me keeper options for the future, but I'd love to get some input.

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