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Need to trade Gronk to save my season


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Here is my team, which currently is sitting at 3-6 and out of the playoff picture. I need to basically win out, or maybe have 1 more loss (with help from others losing) to have a shot at the playoffs.


My biggest asset is currently Gronk. He's on a bye and I need to get a W this week or my season is basically over.


just fyi: My 1st round pick was AP..


QB Foles (will be dropped)

RB Ivory

RB J. Bell

WR Marshall

WR Wallace

TE Gronk

Flex S. Smith

DST pick up weekly based on match ups

K pick up weekly based on match ups




RB McKinnon

RB C. Sims

RB L. Taliaferro

RB R. Mathews

WR LaFell

WR M. Bryant



People know I'm desperate for a win, and here are the 3 offers I've received:


Offer 1

Big Ben + J.Thomas for B.Marshall and Gronk

This one helps me out at QB big time, and I get 3rd best TE as well. Definitely makes me weaker at WR but Marshall hasn't done much all year.


Offer 2

R. Hillman + A. Jeffrey + V. Davis for Gronk

I get an upgrade at RB and WR2. Not sure how the RB splits will be once Ball comes back and not sure how I feel about having Jeffrey and Marshall both on my team. V. Davis is pretty much just a throw in. If I chose this one, I would pick up a QB on waivers (Sanchez, Flacco, Orton, A. Smith)


Offer 3

J. Cutler + D. Walker for Gronk

I get an upgrade at QB but a huge downgrade at TE. No upgrade anywhere else. Not sure how much this would improve my team beyond this week when Gronk is on a bye.


The final option would be not to do anything, pick up a TE and QB off waivers this week.

QB's available: Sanchez, Flacco, Orton, Smith

TE's available: O. Daniels, Clay, Rivera, Chandler



ANY help / opinions on this would be greatly appreciated.


The scoring format of the league is 1pt PPR and 6pts for all touchdowns.

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vernon davis was the second best tight end in the league last year.. hes healthy now... they are playing in the dome this weekend whats changed??? nothing. dont worry he will explode.. you get alshon?? nice moves now move marshall!!!


Trade Ryan Matthews and Marshall for Julio Jones


Gives you Alshon and Julio Hillman and Vernon and as far as QB is concered you can get one on wire

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Thanks for the advice everyone...really appreciate it. What if I can't move Marshall. Would y'all be ok with playing both Marshall and Jeffrey going forward? Don't know why I think there's an issue with that.


Also, if do this and keep Marshall and Jeffrey, who would you start at Flex? Smith or Wallace? Thanks again!!

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honestly I would trade Marshall right now and i would tell the other guy that you will let him know tonight...


this way marshall willl be gone before people see you have both on team and desperate to trade.. offer Marshall and Steve Smtih for Jones or vice versa..



that way you get a real WR 1, now you accept the other trade for Gronk this gives you a Alshon who IMO is a WR1 and it gives for hillamn for right now has value, I dont really like him as much as others but he can certainly be traded for say a Brenard or something like that... you get vernon like I said



get er done

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offer 2. Play the wire for a qb based on match up. They aren't pretty, but you can find a good one. If you want to be real risky, try and match up agianst his line up; play a wr/rb thats on the same team as his. you oul lower his celling and raise yours. Take risks and make bold moves; Better to take a chance then keep sinking

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Damn! I got home from work and offer 2 has been cancelled. He now wants me to add either Mckkinnon or Wallace or Mathews to the offer.


does this change anything? Would you still do it? If so, who would u add? So pissed I didn't take the offer right away. The other 2 are still pending.

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Ended up adding Mckinnon to offer #2. Here is the team as it stands now after picking up Sanchez off waivers last night:


Would really like to get some feeback on who to start at RB2 and Flex.



QB Sanchez

RB Hillman

RB Ivory or J. Bell or Taliaferro (Leaning Ivory here, but if the Steelers get ahead quickly, he might not get touches)

WR Marshall

WR Jeffrey

TE V. Davis

Flex S. Smith or M. Wallace Or M. Bryant (Leaning Smith, due to the matchup)

DST picked up the Steelers

K picked up Crosby off waivers



Any thoughts regarding RB2 and Flex would be greatly appreciated. I've been trying to upgrade the team further but nobody is biting on any offers right now. If anything comes up, I'll definitely post it here for further thoughts. Thanks again!

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I would try trading Marshall or Jeffery now. You need to wheel and deal. Not settle for two players on the same team. That's never been a recipe for success.


Go with ivory and either smith or Wallace as your flex. With both those as your option at flex you could give up Marshall or Jeffery and be ok at wr

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