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Trade D Thomas for Marshall/Olsen ?


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Its a 10 team no ppr stf scoring. The only position i need to improve is Qb an Te. Someone offered me Olsen & Marshall for D thomas...is this worth it?










M Bryant




Im trying to get Rivera this week but idk if olsen & marshall will be able to put up the same #s that Thomas can alone...but i need a TE as im sitting 5th at 4-4 and 6 make playoffs. What do u guys think

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Hmm true. Well here another question..trade deadlines on the 14th..theres been 2 trades all year which sucks cause no one trades in this league and when i get an offer its really lop sided so idk if ill be able to even fanagle anything but, this guy has


Romo and Cutler on his bench...should i roll w Cam Ros or try & get Romo?

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Romo is an injury risk and already has taken a lot of shots paying for him in a 10 team league may not upgrade you that much because of what you'd lose. Cam's obviously taken a lot of shots as well the offensive line is going to get him killed. If you did anything maybe offer a bench player for Cutler his stock couldn't be lower.. perhaps the trade helps both, no reason to hang onto 2 bench QB's in a 10 team league especially if you only start one.


Like stated above you don't want Marshall and Alshon playing at the same time..

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I wouldn't. Thomas has been way too good and WAY too consistent. Him and Antonio Brown have been the best two WR in football this year, throw Jordy Nelson in there as well. Marshall has an ankle injury, oncr again, he says it isn't serious tho, but once again, he said that the first time and look what happened. I like Alshon Jeffery better the rest of the year over marshall truthfully. Marshall and Olsen for D Thomas would be the steal of the year for that guy. Don't do it.

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