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should I make a push to trade graham


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My team

qb Brady

wr Megatron. Den thomas. Randle. Beckham Jr. Fitzgerald. M. Bryant

rb Foster. Hillman. Jennings. Ingram

te Graham


Trade graham for top rb1. Today the last day for trades


Te on waivers








What rb should I target

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I'm really high on Leveon Bell for the remainder of the season. He has a bye week in week 12 but in weeks 13, 14, and 15 he plays NO, CIN, and ATL, which have all given up a ton of points to RB's this season. Obviously Forte would be great also but they may be less willing to trade him away. If you do happen to trade Graham then I like Kelce on the waiver wire

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I agree about Kelce being inconsistent, I also think you would be getting more consistency from your RB2. Reed and Rudolph would be my next choices. I would really want to see Rudolph play first though and actually survive a week or two without injury before I would trust him. And Reed is coming off a bad week as well.

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My little brother is interested.

I send graham and Ingram

I receive bell/mccoy and Witten



I wouldnt do this trade...Bell is the only one u can count on to be consistent..youd be better off knowing keeping the points Graham & Ingram every week then wondering if mccoy is gunna show up & Witten has been OK. I think you can do better.

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