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Pick 2- Foster/Blue, Mathews, CJ Anderson, Ball, Or Sankey?


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CJ and Foster/Blue...imo. basically because the ceilings are highest on those players to do well. I like Sankey's progression at getting a little better weekly but he's still be around 15 carries max and limited yardage. I think CJ still gets majority of the work, Ball is a wait n see same with Mathews, it would be nice to be able to plug Ball and Mathews back in but I think its too risky.. Oliver still in the mix, but maybe Mathews gets out of the gate quickly.

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As mentioned above, Ball and Sankey are certainly on the bottom of that list. If CJ Anderson gets the workload Hillman had been getting he's my top pick. Denver has such a potent offense and Rams aren't that great so plenty of opportunity for garbage time carries running the clock out. If you're confident in his chances to get the big workload play him.


Mathews is certainly a good candidate for the wait-and-see approach. We don't know the division of labor among the backs with him back not to mention how he is going to play after injury. Recall though, after Mathews got back last year from injury he was a top 10 back the last 9-10 games and played very well. He didn't have rust nor was he slowly worked back into the lineup. He didn't have Donald Brown though last year but Brown has been junk so I could see playing Mathews this week.


Blue is likely the safest option and should be your top choice with CJ/Mathews up for consideration.

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