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As we turn toward winter, the chance of stink weather increases; especially for the northeastern teams.


What type of approach to inclement weather does everyone use when dealing with potential starts? Does snow decrease value of certain positions and increase others? Does rain depress everyone's value?


As a native Floridian, I have a hard time ever thinking about such a topic as it's never something we deal with down here. I've seen snow twice in my life, and briefly at that, so I honestly have no idea what it actually does to playing conditions other than me thinking they're all crazy for being out in it (including fans! Sitting outside in that mess for hours?! Nuts!)

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You get used to it, just like the heat and humidity in Florida where you live. Some of us prefer the Fall and Winter Months. I'd have to say that Buffalo is probably the coldest place I've ever been and the snow belt off the great lakes is unreal. But with that being said you never get used to shoveling 2ft of snow, even with a snow blower?

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Winter weather is already here, well 30 miles north of me in Cleveland.


As for the effects on the game and players , that can be seen watching games, you don't have to live in it.


Wet conditions including snow make the field slippery and generally favor the offense. Receivers can cut but defenders slip trying to follow. Cold, wet and wind all effect throwing and catching. Teams usually run more and scoring is down.


I don't use it much in setting my lineup, only in tie breakers or for marginal players. Kickers are one exception, but even then I've seen blizzard condition games where both teams could only manage to kick FGs.

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