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Big trade (Nelson,Ingram,TY)


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Hey guys, i'm sitting 2nd in my league a game up and i think a decent shot at making playoffs so i was lookking around to see what i could do with my roster.


I'm thinking about trading Nelson away for a solid upgrade at RB in Ingram and while i'm giving up a stud, i'll be getting TY hilton back which isn't too big of a downgrade i guess.


Trading Nelson + Rainey + Lafell for T.Y. Hilton and Mark Ingram



My "reasoning" being week 15/16 packers are on the road and while it is TB and Buffalo they're playing, Nelson is a lot better at Home. TY has Houston and Dallas, one at home and so he might perform a bit better and hes the clear #1 option and big play plyaer while GB is spreading the ball around with Cobb and Adams etc.


I'm also getting a huge upgrade if you look at my roster at RB and i would argue a bigger upgrade in rainey/ivory -> Ingram than a downgrade from Nelson -> Hilton.


Any thoughts? Or maybe i could build a trade ideally around Maclin that would be perfect. something like Maclin + Rainey + Evans? to sweeten the deal a little..


Let me know what you guys think!

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It's not a bad trade, but... I'd be loathe to do that deal for you. You're getting good players back, but Nelson is a special player in a special offense. I'd say no

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