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I want J. Thomas.


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My team QB: Luck and Big Ben. RB: Lynch,Bradshaw,Hillman,Ivory, P. Thomas TE: V.Davis Clay Harbor. WR: VJAX, Juilo Jones, Lefell, Boldin,Holmes. K. Gostkowski,Folk. D: NE, NO.


His team QB: Rivers,Ryan RB: J.Bell,Mckinnion,Ball,Oliver. WE: A. Brown,Beckham,Larry Fritz, T.Williams,Baldwin TE: Thomas,Ertz. K:Vinatieri,Parker D:HOU,CIN.



He is in dead last no chance at playoffs. I'm just trying to get a better tight end and I'm not giving up Beast Mode. Who would you want for him if I was to make an offer though. Was thinking maybe Bradshaw but would that be enough??

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There are only 2-3 TEs that produce high points, so you have to take that into account when you want a player (not just the gross amount of points, but the rarity at that particular position to produce high point scorers). Bradshaw would be a good start, especially with his crappy RBs, but I'd want someone else along with him, like Bradshaw & Julio Jones for Thomas & ODB. At this point Julio is a bigger name than point producer, and that Falcon offense hasn't produced as much this year, while ODB is a dynamic player but isn't proven yet. He might see Jones as an upgrade so he'd have Brown & Jones and a capable RB with Bradshaw, but in reality you'd at least stay the same at WR with ODB and improve your TE

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