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McCoy for Graham?

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I'd try it but staying put won't hurt you, McCoy's value is pretty low although people still like him and he will always have the potential to break out of the 'slump' (compared to where he typically is).. Forsett is safe to play in McCoy's place for the rest of the year and Graham is a huge upside/upgrade, you lose a little depth but Graham's ceiling couldn't be higher. Having Brees's favorite target down the stretch is low risk high upside. I'd at least throw it out there.

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Ya go for it but I doubt he takes it.. Unless he has gronk or JT as well. And even then I think he would rather deal one of those 2 for McCoy instead of Graham.


At the very least I think you have to throw in reed. You'll never start him with Graham and chances are he needs a TE to replace him. Still don't think that would get it done however

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