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Jordan Matthews @ GB or Branden Oliver vs OAK at my flex??


This week is pretty important for playoffs. I am 5-5 because I have left points on the bench too many times. There is a 5 way tie for 3rd-7th, I am in 5th place because of "points for" factor. I need to win.


This weeks starting roster is


Tom Brady

Roddy White

DeSean Jackson

Shane Vereen

CJ Anderson

Jimmy Graham


Chandler Catanzaro



Would you start Kansas City over Minnesota this week?

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I think you have to go with Matthews in this scenario since he'll get some looks, and there's no telling how involved Oliver will be.

And no, I'd stick with Minny at D

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I feel you, but I wouldn't sweat it. Yeah he got 100 last time but he's been regressing a bit (him, or his blocking tbh), and so having fewer touches with worse blocking wouldn't bode well anyway.

Good luck!!

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Olivers performance vs O-town the first time around was pretty good but since he has been avg at best, now he will share carries with R.Mathews, I think Jordan is probably the safer play in the Chip Kelly offense, Sanchez seemed to be locked into throwing him the ball in the slot. I think Cutler is very prone to fumbles and Ints he's good at turning over the ball a couple times a week, I would probably go with MN they should have opportunities for sacks and turn-overs.

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