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McCoy makes me sick


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Bust of the year for sure. Pissed at myself for trading FOR him. I really thought that with his o-line getting more healthy, he would improve his horrible numbers, but to no avail. Nothing has really changed, running poorly for sure, hesitating, no real burst or vision this year. He's at most a flex play right now.

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The one silver lining is that he is still getting a hondaload of touches.



This is the part that's driving me nuts (since I'm a Sproles owner).


I don't think Sproles should be the every down back or anything, but can't a guy get the bonus touches that he's clearly earned? I don't even need it to be 50/50, just give me 60/40, or 64/36. Anything. Please, my RB squad is starving.

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In my league, we are required to keep two players from the previous years roster. My keepers were: LeSean McCoy, Montee Ball. However, I'm 7-3 thanks to Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders.


I get it, you want some resemblance of last season, to make the selection worth it, but is any running back really tearing it up this year? And it's not much different from last year through the first 11 weeks.


Here are the top 6 (using point scoring in my league) from this and last year.


2013 - Top Six RB

1. 192.80 - McCoy

2. 191.70 - Lynch

3. 189.10 - Charles

4. 188.80 - Forte

5. 171.40 - Peterson

6. 166.20 - Knowshon


2014 - Top Six RB

1. 206.40 - Murray

2. 201.30 - Forte

3. 190.00 - Lynch

4. 176.10 - Foster

5. 166.80 - L.Bell

6. 154.60 - Charles


15. 106.40 - LeSean McCoy - it hurts, I know. Hopefully your receivers are making your season like they are for me.

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Is he even worth a trade deadline target now? His remaining schedule isn't bad or great, it's just middle of the road. As said, he's still getting fed the rock, he's just not finding the end zone at all.


I have a 3 for 1 trade offer to his owner w/ the option to make it all for Ingram instead...I think I'm hoping he does switch to Ingram

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