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D Thomas for Gordon and Gio


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Team 1 in my signature. I just lost Ahmad for the year. The Gordon owner is throwing out Gordon with either:


Gio / Ellington / Deandre / ODB


Would any of these he worth it?

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Hell yeah, take that trade with Ellington, since you need a RB and Gordon is coming back this week. I love Thomas, but you both do well in this trade. Plus there's this about Ellington:


Speaking Monday, coach Bruce Arians said the Cardinals "need more out of" Andre Ellington.

"He's gutting it up on Sundays, but he needs to perform, too," Arians said of his No. 1 back, who has been playing through a foot injury all season. "Right now, he's as healthy as he's been and we need more out of him." It's a bit hard to believe the Cards could want more out of an injured player who is averaging 22.7 weekly touches, but Ellington's YPC has slumped to 3.4, including 1.75 over his past two games. A brutal schedule hasn't helped, but it's not lightening up any time soon. If anything, Arians' comments are an indication that Ellington will continue to handle massive weekly workloads, keeping him on the RB1 radar.

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I agree, do it with Ellington. The cardinals are going to lean on him more with Palmer out and Gio is still banged up and we don't know when he will play or how effective he'll be, take Ellington and ru. With the deal. Gordon is going to be solid BUT the only thing that concerns me is with Sanders and J Thomas possibly out this week with injuries, Thomas will probably go off but if you can bare that for a week, do it, i think it's a good move for you if your going into the play offs.

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