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Do I dare?


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The stars would have to perfectly align for me to make the playoffs(Two games out of 4th). But anyways, do I dare do something crazy at WR? We only start 2 in my league, no flex


I have Megatron, Evans, Benjamin, Gordon.


........Pick Two - No Flex.....

Megatron vs NE (they shut down TY)

Evans vs CHI (defense looks terrible)

Gordon vs ATL (gives up most pts to wr)

Benjamin - BYE



I think most people will tell me to use Megatron and Evans, and just leave Gordon on the bench to see how he produces.. Whats everyone think?

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They shut Hilton down by putting revis on wayne. Then they would double and triple team Hilton. Megatron is a must start every week. I'm sure he'll see his one on ones with revis. And he always gets looks towards the end zone.


But given your options and desperation, go with your gut. Benching CJ is not crazy in favor of Gordon and Evans. Just not advised

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