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I'm in a 10 team PPR league and I'm currently 3rd overall with a 7-4 record. My team is below



QB: Wilson

WR: Marshall

WR: Cobb

RB: Lynch

RB: Lacy

TE: Gates

FLEX: Hilton



Vincent Jackson

Mychal Rivera

Dewayne Allen

Deandre Hopkins

Pierre Thomas



The guy who has Rodgers is 9th overall with a 3-8 record and here's his team


QB: Rodgers

WR: White

WR: Garcon

RB: Gore


TE: Davis

FLEX: Steve Smith



Cordarrelle Patterson

Owen Daniels

Chris Johnson

Riley Cooper

Kenny Stills



I would love to have a QB like Rodgers especially the way Wilson has been playing in recent weeks. This guy said Rodgers is "carrying" his team and he doesn't want to trade him. When I said I'd give him Wilson in return with another player or two he started listening. My question to you all is should I make an effort to get Rodgers or just stand pat with Wilson and pray he gets his honda together? If I should trade him can you put together a trade proposal for me that wouldn't leave the Rodgers owner screwed in the long run so he would consider trading him? Any feedback would be appreciated.



Sorry for this being so long!

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Yeah if I was him, I would only part with Rodgers for something like Wilson+Lacy or Wilson+Hilton or something like that. Sure Rodgers is one of the best QBs for fantasy but I think you'd lose more in the long run because as cubdaddy said, you would be losing 2 starters to improve 1 position.

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The thing is this guy isn't the smartest. Example: He traded me TY Hilton for Chris Johnson the week after Hilton had 37 fantasy points. I'd be willing to give up Wilson and Hilton for Rodgers because of how bad Wilson is playing and I don't know if he is gonna do any better during my playoff run. So I don't know what to do. Thanks for your opinions though

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