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What to trade for Cobb or Marshall?


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Another team is listening to offers from me. I've been trying to get a WR1 for a while, and now may be time to strike. I'm 9-2 and locked into a bye week for playoffs next week.


My team:

qb- kaep

Rb- Murray, forte, blue,sims,ball(dropping)

Wr- sanders,Gordon, roddy white, wayne, floyd(ARI), Garcon, Terrance Williams

Te-cook (looking at fleener or clay on waivers)


His team-

Qb- cutler

Rb- lynch, j. Bell, sproles

Wr- Cobb, Marshall, t. Smith, bowe, James jones

Te- ertz and Cameron


I may be missing one or two of his Wrs/TEs but no one important. And I made sure those were all of his RBs which is what I'm trying to trade him.


What's a deal I could do without giving up Murray/forte and Gordon/sander?


Or I was thinking go big and swap lynch for Murray or forte which I think could get me more value in return. I'd rather not do this and stick with my studs though


Also this is not a PPR league. Just standard 2rb,2wr and a flex. Also he said he would rather not deal Cobb obviously so either I'd like to make a cheap deal without my studs for Marshall. Or swap some guys like Murray or forte and try and get Cobb from him

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If I were the other team's owner you have no one on your team I'd want in a trade for either Cobb or Marshall, other than either Murray or Forte (since I'd want to upgrade my RB corps). I really think you'll have to "go big" and put one of them in a multi-player trade, maybe Forte & Floyd for Cobb & J. Bell

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I just don't see the other owner giving up 1 of those guys, especially Cobb without 1 of those RB you don't want to let go of, included in the deal. If I were you, I would look at strengthening QB. I drafted Kaep in 1 league & so far he has been a disappointment. And its not all him either. If he gets sacked anymore they made need a shovel to find him. And while some sacks could be his fault, they surely are not all his & he cant do anything about that himself.

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