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advice for the future (have sanders/jthomas)


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so the injuries with sanders and j thomas could have not come at a more perfect time. their availability is unknown and my trade dead line is TOMMOROW


i am 6-5 4th place and have 2 more games to play offs and could easily get bumped off if i lose both games.


here's my dilemma.


1) sit on sanders and j thomas, and hope for the best, and hope that the remainder of my team can keep my playoff spot alive.


2) trade them off with someone like mathews or f jackson, for other players and hope i end up with a better team.


this is my current line up/bench:

m stafford

l mccoy

a morris

d jackson

e sanders

j thomas

r mathews


j tucker



f jackson

t williams


a dixon (gonna use for waivers.)

k wright

r griffin

g gano (needed to stream kicker for week 11)


what would you do in this situation?

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I'm in the same situation as I have both Sanders & J. Thomas. I'm running another WR in Sanders place & managed to grab Fleener before his game; now it seems like D. Allen might be out so Fleener becomes a solid fill-in if needed.


I would avoid trading Sanders, based on how competitive their division is right now DEN will go all out for the rest of the season.

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Thanks for the input guys. Ahh this is a tough one. I'm waiting on any updates on their injuries for today, and most likely I will have to try and trade at least one of them off for a healthy equivalent. I just hope I don't have to give up too much in the process.

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I would trade Sanders and Hold on to Thomas. I think it is harder to replace a TE1 than high WR2 like Sanders.



Sanders is the #5 scoring WR in standard and PPR scoring this year. He is a WR1 and has been all year. He is much more consistent than J. Thomas. That being said see what you can get for either of them and if you get an offer you like make the trade.

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