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Brandin Cooks on injured reserve


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Broken finger and had surgery. I think it was his agent that initially said he'd be out 4-6 weeks. Someone is going to win that division at 6-10.

How crazy would it be if a team like Atlanta won the division at 6-10, winning all 6 division games (and beating nobody outside of the NFC South). :lol:


Pretty unlikely, obviously, but they're currently 4-6 (and 4-0 in the division).

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what's the play here raj..stills..colston...stay away?

I'm not Rajn but I did have a beer with him once...I see it as a bump for both Stills and Colston. It's really a big chance for Stills to show his worth. Edited by keggerz
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I think Colston returns to being usable and stills takes a big step up, while Graham also gets even more solid if that were possible.

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My guess is this helps Stills more than anyone else on this team.



Agreed. I really don't see how they can justifiably target Graham more than they already do. As it is defenses are already trying to take him out of games. If you don't try to keep it spread around you'll end up losing him. Colston seems like he would be the guy, but I fear that he may have lost more than just a step this season with his confidence/concentration way down. Brees has seemed to do what he can to keep Colston active, but he's just not producing consistently. The offense really needs a spark from the WR position and I think that Stills fits that perfectly now that there isn't as much competition for touches. Remember, the Saints also lost Meachem and Morgan hasn't played a down this season, so Stills is THE deep threat right now until Morgan can prove he's a value to the team still. Morgan FWIW can light a team on fire down the field, but up to now he's really only proven to be a one-trick pony.


ETA: Also in Stills favor, if you buy into this, is Brees supposed loss of arm strength this year. Personally, I think it's more a matter of the offensive line not allowing him to step into his throws like he should, but the fact of the matter is he has been underthrowing a lot of the deep routes this year. With Stills, his ability to get deep is more with route-running than it is with just flat out straight-line speed, so you should see Brees able to connect with him more in stride. And when he doesn't, Stills also has shown a very good ability to track down & fight for balls.

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