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Trade advice needed! (Maclin, Jeffrey, McCoy, Hilton)


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hey guys, I'm second in my league and in good shape for playoffs. Looking to maybe sacrifice some WR value to get an upgrade at RB2 By trading maclin as the centrepiece from my team. Below are the rosters for reference.


QB: Brees

WR: Nelson, Maclin, Evans, Lafell, Johnson

RB: Forte, Rainey, Crowell, Ivory, Sproles

TE: Witten, Walker

D/St : Philly, Houston

K : Parkey




His Roster:



QB: Rodgers, Stanton

WR: Jeffrey, Hilton, Harvin, Welker, Smitg

RB: McCoy, Ingram, Gore, Jackson, Forsett, Anderson

TE: Fleener

D/St : Chargers

K : Dawson




I'm thinking of the following deal :


Maclin + Sproles + Lafell




McCoy + Hilton/Jeffrey


What do you guys think? I'm basically open to adding anyone to this deal or interchanging Sproles and Lafell with anyone Cept Evans, Nelson, Forte.


I'm open to being on the losing end of the trade as long as I keep the 3 and get a big upgrade at RB2.


Let me know what you guys would accept?



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I wouldn't take that deal if I were him, I'm giving up a big name (McCoy) and a WR producer in either HIlton or Jeffery, and getting a lesser WR (Maclin) who production has declined in the last couple of games with their new starting QB, and LaFell (ok sometimes) and Sproles, a waste unless you get points for return yards.

If you're really just after a better RB, why not try Maclin (you're deep at WR) and Crowell or Ivory for McCoy

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