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Eli Manning


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I know he just had a terrible game, but his mactups the rest of the season look to good to ignore.


Week 12- dallas


14- tenn

15- Washington.


I'm not sure what his week 16 is, our playoffs end week 15. And that's the only matchup I'm really looking for.


Kaepernick plays Seattle week 13 and is AT Seattle week 15 (my fantasy championship). I'm locked into a bye week 13 so I'm not worried about that and kaepernick has a good matchup week 14.


Would it be smart to stash manning now. Considering his matchups, Someone might stream him in a week or 2 and not drop him. Are there any other typical waiver QBs that have very favorable week 15 matchups? Stanton was already taken, he was my first choice to stash

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Also looking at defensive matchups..


I have Oakland right now and I have no desire to keep them. Week 14 and 15, the only weeks I need them, they play Denver and NE. So that's for sure a no go.


I'm looking at the jets right now. They play Minn week 14 and Ten week 15. They look like a pair of good matchups but I don't know how much I can trust the jets D

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Eli Manning should have bright red hair; more gingery than even Dalton! That will compliment and complete his goofy ass faces and help all of when we look at his availability and say "what if..."

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I feel you on the matchups, but Eli is just not worthy of being picked up right now. He seems to find a way to go beyond the pathetic matchups and still suck this year

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