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Drop Garcon or Jared cook? Or both?


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9-2 with a week 13 bye. Looking to mainly drop Garcon as I might want cook for the depth but there's some decent options for WR on the waiver or I could stash a playoff defense or qb.




Brown (already have floyd)

D. Adams

M. Bryant (I'd have to put in a claim for him)


Or for TEs I only have cook so I've been looking for an upgrade. Clay and chandler are on waivers right now and I would have to claim them. Can't simply add yet.


So I'm thinking I put in a claim for Bryant and drop Garcon. If that doesn't go through drop Garcon for clay. But if I do get Bryant, do I drop cook for clay or stick it out. I could also add right now decker, Adams or brown and simply drop them for Bryant or clay if I get them.


Any suggestions?

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Yes put in a claim to drop Garcon for Bryant. Concerning your TEs they're all pretty much the same level of suck (no offense), so I'd probably just stick it out with Cook

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Ya it's the weakest part of my team that's why I'm considering adding the depth but I always have a hard time picking between two borderline starters. Id almost rather stick it out with the one. But my Wrs are deep. I'd never start Garcon again I think.

I have sanders, Gordon, white, Wayne, Floyd, and also Terrance Williams. Is it even worth it to try and add Bryant and possibly miss on clay?

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yes because:

Sanders is still undergoing concussion protocol. Dont' anticipate him having an issue since he seemed fine right after the game, but you never know.

Gordon still hasn't played

White has been hot & cold this year

Wayne is the #2 WR there, and only produced so well this past week because the D focused on stopping Hilton

Floyd is doing better, but still only 2 catches this past week

Williams is droppable (I did) in that offense that runs, runs, runs, and throws to Dez. IF Murray goes out, Williams will be a good start again.


So, yes, Bryant isn't a bad pickup for you. I would drop Williams for Clay at this point IMO

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I just noticed, Charles clay can be claimed tomorrow morning. While Bryant I have to wait another day for as he was dropped just today.


So I drop Garcon for clay.

If that doesn't happen I drop Garcon for Bryant.

If I get clay then I drop twilliams for Bryant.


Sound good or should I hold off on Clay and save my waiver spot (7th right now) for Bryant and hope no one claims clay

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