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WSIS - Pick 2 - McKinnion, Tre Mason, Stephen Jackson, Steve Smith


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Need a RB and a flex, so any two will do.


Jerrick McKinnion

Tre Mason

Stephen Jackson

Steve Smith


The three RBs all have similar match ups this week, opponents ranked 16,17, and 19 against the position in scoring.


SJax doesn't get a ton of carries but he's nearly a lock for 10-15 and a few goal line carries if ATL is in a short yard situation. But, he is extremely inconsistent.


Mason just came off a 29 carry game and if he gets those kind of touches again he should have a great game.


McKinnion loses goal line carries to Asiati and the Vikings aren't a very good team and have a good chance to fall behind big to Green Bay early and abandon the run.


Steve Smith is old and his QB is Flacid Flacco but he has a decent match up vs the Saints. I really dislike the Ravens and I don't think Flacco is that great a QB but I think he may be the best flex option.


I'm leaning towards Mason and Smith.


Any input is appreciated.

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I'd go Mason (an obvious choice) and Jackson. Like you said, Smith hasn't done anything 4 out of the last 5 weeks, while Jackson does get some touches

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Bumping this for any additional feedback.


Also, Asiati is out and it was said that Ben Tate may only see a few snaps while he gets use to the Viking's system. This bodes well for him getting a serious workload but it still concerns me a bit that the run game could be abandoned early if (good chance) the Packers get a big lead early.


If this is the case, he should have a higher ceiling than Sjax, at least.

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