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Three Way Trade at the Deadline... Fair Deal?


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2 QB PPR league, 2 keeper league


Team A is out of the playoffs. Anybody that doesnt make the playoffs goes into a bracket to determine picks next season.


Team B has locked in a playoff spot. In the same division as Team A.


Team C is competing for a playoff spot. Needs to win their last 2 games to secure a spot. In a different conference. Recently lost Bradshaw as starting RB.


Team A gave: Kyle Orton, Rashad Jennings, T.Y. Hilton, Kelce

Team B gave: Sanchez, Gio, Jeremy Hill, Charles Sims, 3rd rd pick next season

Team C gave: Frank Gore, Larry Fitz


Team A received: Sanchez, Gore, Fitz, Sims, 3rd rd pick

Team B received: Hilton, Jennings, Kelce

Team C received: Gio, Hill, Orton


Some owners are saying Team C got hosed. Gore and Fitz were not starting for Team C. Any thoughts on this trade not being fair? Seems to help every owner to me.

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It helps every owner, and it seems balanced in that Team A gets a 3rd round pick (HUGE), and enough players to keep it honest. Team B gets the best player in Hilton, while Team C gets good players that replace players that weren't even starting. I would've maybe wanted a better player than Orton (as Team C), but other than that it looks great to me

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