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Would your trade Sanders for Mathews


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I have been proposed to trade Emmanuel Sanders for Jordan Mathews...been trying to find anything about Sanders condition and can't find anything other than he has been held out of practice and is undergoing the concussion protocol, he has been a no-brainer this season, however Mathews has recently turned it on with Sanchez as QB...so its got me :hscratch:


Here is my team:

Sanchez, Mark QB

Wilson, Russell QB

Bradshaw, Ahmad RB

Forte, Matt RB

Mason, Tre RB

West, Terrance RB

Bryant, Martavis WR

Marshall, Brandon WR

Sanders, Emmanuel WR

Fleener, Coby TE

Rudolph, Kyle TE

Bailey, Dan K

Eagles, Philadelphia DEF


Here is his team:

Brees, Drew QB

Gore, Frank RB

Lynch, Marshawn RB

Riddick, Theo RB

Boldin, Anquan WR

Evans, Mike WR

Matthews, Jordan WR

Stills, Kenny WR

Bennett, Martellus TE

Rivera, Mychal TE

Gostkowski, Stephen K

Packers, Green Bay DEF

Seahawks, Seattle DEF


I'm currently in first place by one game (8-3) but I have some tough matchups these next three weeks...and two teams tied for 2nd place with softer schedules...


What would you do?

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I would definitely hold out on Sanders until there is an update. Some guys bounce back from a concussion pretty quick and some dont. Its up in the air at this point. But I agree with the guy above. If you were going to trade him definitely try to get evans before you get mathews.

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Heck no! Sanders has been a beast, and even though he's in the concussion protocol this week, he seemed fine after the game and is progressing just fine so far (from what I've read). Yes, Matthews is doing well with Sanchez, but this is just a (good) attempt to pry a great player with a great QB in Manning away from you with his concussion scare, and his blooming WR.

Do what Nancy Reagan urged everyone to do, and just say no!

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Unrealistic to think the other dude is going to give up Evans. I'm not as sure as these guys that Sanders is a keeper.


1) Although he's a Bronco, Sanders is a WR3 on his team and of course we all know you can't count on targets for anyone but The Thomases from Manning.


2) Mathews is solidly entrenched at WR2 for the Eagles. I imagine Mathews will receive more targets than Sanders here on out. More tsrgets means more consistency. Sanders has no upside. Mathews may (or may not) hit 100+ yards/game going forward. Mathews is the lesser known factor but the upside potential dwarfs the best you will ever get from Sanders


3) You are in 1st. Its about the playoffs for you right now. Being seeded #1 going into the playoffs is not the goal (who cares if someone passes you in the next 2 weeks, you are in the playoffs guaranteed at this point). By the time you are in the playoffs, you will know if Mathews was a boom or bust move. If he has a couple great games in the next 2 weeks, you'll have a solid WR2, Sanders will never be more than a WR3.


3) Add the uncertainty of the concussion situation


All of that adds up to taking the risk and pulling the trigger. It may backfire but you just might hit a homerun.

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Demaryius Thomas 72 1,105 15.3 86 6

Emmanuel Sanders 67 954 14.2 48 7

Julius Thomas 40 426 10.7 35 12


Sanders, as shown, is 2nd in catches (by 5 catches), 2nd in yards over double the yards of Julius, and 2nd in touchdowns on the team. He is NOT a #3 WR, as he is on pace for 1526 yards and 10 TDs, which are #1 WR numbers (you can argue both he and Demaryius are #1 WRs). I don't care what team he plays for, if you offered me a WR with those numbers and asked if I would keep him, you're damned right I would.

Further, Sanders is averaging 9.2 targets per game with Denver, while in the 3 weeks Sanchez has been playing Matthews is averaging 7 targets per game.

Don't even get me started on the comparison of their respective QBs throwing them the ball, Manning versus Sanchez.

The only accurate thing is his concussion, which is an uncertain situation at the moment. However, it IS encouraging that he was fine in the locker room afterward, and there have been no negative reports as of yet, that he is just in the normal concussion protocol at the moment and further updates will come in a day or two.


Yes, Matthews comes with potential because we don't know what he can do yet. Personally, I'd rather go with the WR averaging over 9 targets a game from arguably the best QB in the game, putting up #1 WR numbers, in a record setting offense.

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The first few games of the year he had some ok receiving stats but zero TDs, and then 6 or 7 games ago he just decided to blow up, right around the time I traded for him (which was convenient for me!). Peyton goes to him so freaking often it's stunning; I say that because I didn't expect him to do much because of the sheer number of weapons that team has, but he had definitely earned Peyton's trust since he only averages less than 2 targets a game less than Demaryius.

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