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How valuable is Greg Olsen?


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One of the botttom feeders got Fleener and has Olsen/Bennet on Block? The reason I put this here and not in advice forum is basically because of his ROS player rank in the Huddle members area. Olsen is currently 3rd, So the question is worth? Whats it gonna take? WR1, RB2, etc....Has anyone seen trades envolving Olsen? Whats the price tag of the shiney TE in the window?

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I own him in one league and he has been money in all but 1 or 2 games; he's not quite Gronk/Graham level valuable, but I'd put him in the level just below them, alongside J Thomas, and then all other TEs in level 3 (in other words, straight up interchangeable in value/rank)...I'd need a top 10-15 WR to consider moving him

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