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QB question


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8 team non keeper PPR start 2 QB


Pass TD=4, 25 yards passing=1, bonus point 50+ yard TD, 400+ yards passing=3, every 5 completions=2

10 yards rushing=1, rush/rec TD=6


Little rehash. I am starting Peyton Manning of course. Have Dalton & RG3. Will go Dalton for sure this week. My question is should I drop RG3? Past this week his schedule is favorable facing no better than 17th against QB. Dalton may not be great & he does throw some INT's but he also seems good for about 27-29 TD each year.


About the best on waivers is Eli, McCown, Mittenberger & Vick. McCown has great match up this week but ROS not so good. Would you drop RG3 for any of these guys ROS & would you play them over Dalton this week?

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Mettenberger has a pretty favorable schedule left, HOU being the only iffy matchup in week 14 (I think). The Redskins are a hot mess that's been tossed into a dumpster fire, don't think there's any way RG3 could be started with any semblance of confidence...don't think I'd put him in over Dalton this week, but week 16 (if you're still alive) he has JAX

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