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Did I Build a Championship team?


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ESPN Standard Scoring


#1 right now at 8-3


2 people at 7-4 and 2 at 6-5


after this week Playoffs start


4 teams make playoffs and I will be #1 seed I have most points forced in league by over 120


High Stakes and very competitve.****




Qb - Andrew Luck ( Traded Matthew Stafford and Megatron for Alshon Jeffrey and Luck early on)


Rb - Arian Foster ( Traded Doug Martin very early for him )


Rb - Cj Anderson (Picked up off wire )


Wr - Calvin Johnson ( Traded Julius Thomas for him when he was expected back)


Wr - Aj Green ( Traded Rob Gronkowski for him 2 weeks ago )


Wr/Flex - Alshon Jeffrey ( See Luck Trade Above )


Te - Coby Fleener ( Traded for him a couple weeks back )


Cardinals D - Best Secondary in league this year IMO


K - Justin Tucker ( Good matchups in good weather down the stretch )






Matthew Stafford

Fred Jackson

Bishop Sankey

Montee Ball

Juwan Thompson

Adrian Peterson

Vernon Davis




Can someone let me know if I built a championship team if I have the matchups in the stretch to get it done?

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How in the heck can we rate your team with this info ?

Here is the best I can do for you , if your in a

16-team league you look great

14-team league you have a chance

12-team league no way

10-team league you may not get out of the 1st round

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I read most of your posts regarding trades this season (at least I think so), and in many cases I couldn't even work up a response because your reasoning seemed so off base. You committed to some guys I just couldn't wrap my mind around (V. Davis & M. Ball come immediately to mind). We all get lost in the weeds sometimes... but as for your lineup going in


Luck - He'll be money, no-brainer


Foster - Should do fine with the remaining schedule if he stays healthy (with all your movin' and shakin' with trades you should have A. Blue by now)


Anderson - @KC, BUF, & @ SD - Tough match-ups, not sure he produces like you hope.


Megatron - No concerns here


A.J. Green - TB, PIT, & CLE all soft vs. the run, if they gameplan around Hill/Bernard could be an issue


A. Jeffery - DET, DAL, and NO - Could be rough, especially if they put it to Cutler


Fleener - Will have a good week w/ Allen out, but down the stretch... risky & you left yourself no good out


Arizona - Good D but I'd look for a wk14 fill in, playing KC in Arrowhead could be a problem.



Overall I'd say you've got some scary match-ups in there, and you didn't leave yourself many options. Other than Stafford & F-Jax your bench is pretty useless, I'd be dropping all of them (other than the 2 I mentioned) and adding good speculative players at WR/RB/TE.

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