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Help with trade please


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I am being offered TY Hilton and Gates for Ellington Beckham Steve Smith senior and Larry Donnell.


My team consist of Stafford Sanchez at qb. I've ran different qbs. Running back I have Forte Foster Ellington Lacy Alfred Blue West (Browns) receivers D Thomas Beckham Steve Smith tight end Bennett and Donnell. I have a flex option of receiver or running back. Kicker Bailey defense currently 49ers which I am always switching around.



Should I accept the deal or stay as I am? I feel like Beckham has a lot of upside and has looked great.

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At first I didn't like that trade at all, but in looking at your team I would totally do it. Here's why:

You have Forte, Foster/Blue, and Lacy so losing Ellington doesn't affect your running game at all

You would severely upgrade your WR2 from ODB (whom I dearly love) to Hilton. ODB is outstanding, but he's not Hilton, nor does he have Luck throwing him the ball.

Bonus, you get an upgrade at TE in Gates

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I think you make out better with this trade. Hylton is an upgrade over Beckham (I like OBJ alot too, but Hylton is more valuable especially now that Bradshaw went down). Gates is an upgrade over Donnell. Ellington should be more than enough to make up that difference so not sure why the Smith throw in, however not sure if you would ever play Steve Smith. So your new lineup would be:

  • QB - Stafford (love him after this week the rest of season)
  • RB - Forte
  • RB - Foster/Blue
  • WR - D Thomas
  • WR - Hylton
  • TE Gates
  • Flex - Lacy


Thats pretty darn good.


Good luck.

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Ellington has a really rough remaining schedule...and his usage to date has me worried that crack in the windshield is one bump away from full shatter

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^^^ this. Plus you always want players in explosive offenses, which is Lacy in this case. Partly because they may just run the ball to run the clock, or because he'll get more scoring ops

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