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A trade for Foster


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A team that's out of the playoffs has sent me a trade for Foster. He would get Jeremy Hill, Ryan Mathews and Jordan Mathews. Jeremy Hill is my keeper that he could retain next year as an 8th round pick.

I also have Forte, Alfred Blue and Crowell at RB along with Josh Gordon, Brown (on a bye) and just traded to get Watkins to cover the loss Jordan Mathews.


PPR league I'm in the 6th and last spot for the playoffs with one other team trying to knock me out of that spot.


I've been going back and fourth on accepting because of the injury to Foster. However I'm covered with Blue if Foster doesn't play.

Am I overthinking this and I should pull the trigger or not?


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I don't see how in the hell giving up Hill, Mathews, and Matthews and getting Foster is a good trade...? Hill & Matthews are both rookies (e.g. young) and Mathews isn't old, while Foster is 28 in age but 40 the way his body breaks down constantly, and not just this year but in years past as well. I just don't see how this is a good trade for you at all; I'd laugh and delete a trade like this.

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