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Drop cook? Need a TE


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I just added charles Clay to my roster since Jared cook wasn't performing well enough for me save one week. But I do like cooks potential and I feel like if I did drop him someone woould scoop him up.


But clay and cook are both doubtful/questionable so I think I need a TE this week. Do I drop cook and add...

Scott chandler

Jermaine Gresham

Mercedes Lewis

Jace amaro or other typical waiver TEs


Or do I stick it out with these 2 and hope one of them is healthy enough to produce? I'm not desperate at all for a win. I have a bye week locked up, just playing for first overall this week instead of second. You win a little extra money for 1st regular season

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Im in the same position you are.. locked up #1 seed after this week playoffs and 8-3 just playing for points to win the extra cash...


Cook and Clay are both on the WW and the league is competitive.. I tried picked up Clay last week on TNF and clay got me 30 yards on 3 catches..


3 standard points..


Seems to me like cook and clay are just a crap shoot once ever 3-4 games they might get 80 and a TD








Thats why this week I have Coby Fleener coming through on a trade wich takes a couple days to process but it will be monday when it clears so this week I have the room to just let Vernon Davis start and see what he does...


They are home against the redskins and he lit them up last year.. seeems to me hes fullt recovered, we know the guy didnt age 10 years in the offseason he says hes the same player and hes healthy and John H said theres NO reason why hes not getting involved...



Leads me to believe Vernon is ***** Capernecks Wife :rofl:



No but seriously Im rolling Vernon against Washington at home this week

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I have to put in a claim for Lewis. I like his upside more than any of the other TEs, but he's not a great option either way. Niles Paul is also there. With Reed out, you think Paul might be a better start this week?


And if reeds injury lingers I like Paul's matchups ROS

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Paul's tempting, but that whole Washington offense (starting with RG3) is in flux at the moment, with everyone calling everyone else out. Their team could either regroup and emerge, or go in the tank. Paul has talent for sure, but no one's really sure what's gonna happen, and personally I would rather gamble with a good young QB in Bortles throwing to his TE (which he's been doing, just not Lewis while he's been injured) in what will probably be a comeback

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No the owner that has him I think has still been starting him for weeks. He's not doing to good.


I think I might drop both clay and cook. Flacco is on the waivers and I want him for week 15 vs JAC and its my fantasy championship week. Not sure who to put in a claim for first though, Lewis or flacco

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The most advantageous place for Davis to be is on some other suckers starting lineup. Cook is safe to drop in most 8-12 team leagues, imo. If he produces anything, it's usually on one big play. I don't know why espn projects him to get 10 points every week

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