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Should I handcuff lynch?


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It depends on who you can drop. Sims is quite horrible, so you can drop him for Turbin. Having said that, I wouldn't bother. This is not a situation like Dallas where the O-Line is so good that if Murray gets hurt, than his handcuff (Randle) will produce numbers.


Lynch is a special back, who is explosive enough to make up for his crap O-line. Why do you think Russell Wilson is scurrying around so much, his line gets beat consistently. Turbin ain't gonna be a starter for you if Lynch goes down. Keep rolling with Lynch, as with any superstar starter, if he gets hurt then your team will probably lose. That's fantasy.

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Handcuffs for the playoffs is pretty smart.. any RB in Tampa is very useless doesn't mean Sims is bad it's probably a product of that o-line, run blocking, play calls and Lovey Smith.. I'd put some stock in Turbin for insurance. Regardless in Tampa they still will continue to use both Rainey (passing) and Martin.. while they also stink and abandon the run early on anyway.

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