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Huge Trade Need Advice


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Okay so right now I am in a pretty good spot. I am 6-6 and sit at 4th in a standard scoring 12 team league. I am coming off 5 straight weeks of over 120 points and have the second most points scored in the league. My current team is in my signature. The top team in the league offered me a trade that I think could put me over the top and get me a championship.


I would give:

Dez Bryant

Odell Beckham

Terrance West


And receive:

Alfred Morris

Greg Olsen

Martavis Bryant or Mike Wallace (Whoever I choose)


So I would upgrade Larry Donnell with Greg Olsen and Terrance West with Alfred Morris. I would lose my second and forth best WRs but still have Demaryius and Emmanuel who are both top 5. Only thing that keeps me from quickly accepting is my flex would be a little so-so. I would go into the playoffs with Sammy Watkins/Bryant or Wallace as my flex.


So my question is should I do the trade and should I take Martavis Bryant or Mike Wallace?


Thanks in advance.

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You need serious RB help, but this is an absolutely terrible trade for you. You are giving up the two best players for an upgrade at one position. If you are giving up Dez and ODB you need Forte/Bell/Charles/Murray AND someone else(like Jordan Matthews or someone around there)

I'm all for you trading one of your top 15 guys(Thomas, Dez, Sanders, or ODB) for a good running back, but you aren't getting enough value.

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I'd rather have Anderson at this point, much better offense and is showing Denver he can handle the load. Even then, I'd want a tad more if I traded Sanders, who is proving to be one of Peyton's favorite targets

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Who else does he have on his team? Your deep at WR but I would try and keep Dez, with Romo healthy, Dez is going to be a stud the rest of the year, ODB's value is as high now as its ever been so if you can sell him high I'd do it, your deep enough at WR with DT, Dez, Sanders. The only way you trade Dez is for a top RB1 like Charles, Le'veon Bell, DeMarco Murray ect. And even then i think I'd trade Sanders before Dez because of already having Demaryius Thomas too, two WR'S from the same team sometimes spells recipe for disaster, I know sanders has been a consistent stud all year but I'd take Dez over him. If you put ODB and Sanders together, you should easily be able to get an Elite Rb like the ones i listed above.

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